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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 21, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight -- >> it s feel okindlef ilgal doing this. >> britney spears' live surprise. >> it feels so weird. >> no backup tracks, no lip syncing, how she is silencing the haters. >> i never really spoke about it. >> plus -- taylor swift tries to eclipse the eclipse. her bizarre social media blackout explained. and is she planning a duet with katy perry? >> i'm down. who is joining katy on "idol"? the new stars in talks to judge. and the passinof a comedy legend. our time with jerry lewis. >> is this going to be on television? oh, god. plus jay-z on his infamous elevator fight with beyonce's sister. inside george and amal's date night and
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his hometown. >> i got a lot of memories. now for august 21, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." is taylor swift eclipsing everyone with new music? this as britney spears gives her fans and her critics, something to talk about. >> britney has had enough of the lip sync rumors that have plagued her career. what did she do about it? she took matters and her mic into her own hands. ♪ talking about people >> it's really crazy because one minute they tear you down and they are really horrible and then the next minute, you're on top of the world. i have never really spoke about it, you know? i'm a southern girl. i like to keep it real so i just want to make sure i keep having something to talk about, okay? ♪ let's give them something to talk about ♪ >> britney keeping it real. ♪ you won't believe it >> s
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naysayers who say she can't sing live. she sang the classic bonnie raitt song without any backing tracks. she nailed every note. ♪ love tweeting this morning quote she had so much fun singing that cover. perhaps britney felt the need to vindicate her cover. the allegations of lip syncing came up again. >> it pisses me off because [ bleep ]. i never get credit for it, you know? >> with just 24 shows left before her vegas shows ends new year's eve, remember an audience member jumped the stage. britney has told "e.t." how her residency stage is therapeutic. >> anything you're going through, if you're happy or sad or whatever, i kind of pull it to the stage and bring it there and show what i'm going through
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>> britney not the only headline today because the solar eclipse had everybody, even hollywood, blinded by the light. ♪ every now and then >> that's bonnie tyler backed up by dnce singing her masterpiece during the solar actual solar eclipse. tyler performed on a cruise ship in the caribbean ready to see the solar eclipse in all its glory. meanwhile, hollywood celebrated the eclipse on social media. that's ryan seacrest in the studio, dierks bentley in a plane. sara jessica parker called herself an eclipse chaser, and instagrammed this footage from a boat in south carolina. lady gaga had jokes. she wrote, take me to your planet. rob lowe and marsha gay harden were oe n thset, and then this picture with the cast of "scandal," and also gwyneth pa troe, kate hudson and
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black. this is the first eclipse to traverse the country in nearly a century. as for that '80's classic it's number eight on youtube. as for singing it, tyler said she never gets tired of singing it. >> unlike the eclipse that is 2:40 seconds, this song was originally eight minutes, and jim simon had to chop it about, you know, to get the single version. ♪ total eclipse of the heart now someone else tied to the eclipse, taylor swift. have you seen this? it looks sort of eclipse-ish. she returned to social media with a very cryptic message that has her fans losing their minds an speculating if new music is on its way ♪ i got a blank space baby >> i don't know what i'm going to do next. maybe i'll just eat carbd s an nothing else for the next couple of months. >> all cash
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friday, it was a blackout. taylor wiped all other social media accounts clean, sending fans into a freakout mode, and wondering if her overdue sixth album is comingoo sn ♪ take it off ♪ then this morning, 8:00 a.m. came this post of a trail. since then, it's been silent. some speculate the new album will be called, eclipse to coincide with the event, and others believe she has a new song called "timeless" because ta'sylor name popped up today. ♪ the joke is on me there are other cool clues team taylor is dropping like a hidden code on her website that reveals the secret message, that's what you don't see. and this post from kesha, hinting at a collaboration making a song with a casual grammy award winning secret person with 13 emojis, taylor's favorite number. willth a the fan conspiracies, there is one thing we can agree on. taylor is a musical marketing genius. >> i heard that you
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going to go away. >> all the time. >> are you really? >> yeah, i have. it makes you more grateful for another day you get to do this. >> meanwhile, that rumor that taylor and katy perry will squash their beef on stage at the vmas on sunday. yeah. it's news to katy. ♪ swish swish swish >> was there a possibility of doing a duet with taylor swift this sunday? >> listen. i would love for the beef to end. i would love the take it off the barbecue. >> katy just posted a celeb cameo-packed trailer for her "swish swish" music video. some think it's a response to taylor's "bad blood," but katy made it seem like a vma duet with taylor is unlikely. >> i'm down, but i haven't heard anything of it. >> she wouldn't give much of her relationship status with her ex, orlando bloom. >> it's nice to keep people that you love around you. when you get older, lines
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blurred. we've heard music stars like charlie puth, lionel richie, luke bryan and keith urban could be in the mix to join katie on idol but what about this blast from the past? ♪ >> david hasselhoff killed it on "guardians of the galaxy two" and was a hit judging "agt." >> i got to go with the superstar. >> today he confirms he is interested. >> david hasslehoff will be joining? >> i have not heard that. i know some people are in play, and david has not been one of them. >> "idol" alum and former guest judge, adam lambert might want one. at the angel award gala we asked him about returning to idol. >> is that something you would be interested in doing? >> they haven't reached out to me. i love the show. it's great, and i would love to come back and pop in. switching gears to the sad passing of hollywood humanitarian and comedic genius, jerry lewis at the age of 91. we look back at our time with the bona fide comedy genius.
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>> to look at the world through a child's eyes is the biggest key to everything i've ever done. >> jerry passed away peacefully at his las vegas home from natural causes. he was surrounded by his family including his second wife, sam, and their daughter, danielle. his acting and comedy career spanned eight decades, but to many, he will be most remembered for his annual labor day telethon for the muscular dystrophy association. he raised $2.6 billion, and no one had a bigger heart than jerry. >> i think you are so adorable. >> i was honored to co-host the telethon with jerry for many years. >> send in the donations because i promise you it does go to a good use. >> often called a comic genius, he was also known for sometimes being difficult. in late 2016, jerry did an awkward interview with "the hollywood reporter." he seemed annoyed at the questions, and gave brief answers.
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about, like, dean or frank sinatra or somebody that you worked with, you know, over the years you would like to share? >> no. >> not at all? >> none. >> ironically, the very first time he spoke to "e.t." in 1981, he actually joked about passing away. >> when i croak, i'm not interested in the dinner or the wake. i don't want you all to go dancing that evening. this is in honor of the old man. i want to hear it now. in my present while i can enjoy it. >> he was one of a kind. rough around the edges at times, but a sweetheart. we have more from jerry later, including his tumultuous relationship with dean martin. how frank sinatra orchestrated their tv reunion. up next -- >> have mercy. >> you may be saying the same thing when we show you john stamos celebrating turning 54 in his birthday suit. plus -- >> we have had one disagreement ever, period. >> jay-z tells all about that el
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that is birthday boy, john stamos showing his full house so to speak on instagram. he captioned the moment, 54 and clean. clean because of the shower, but a little dirty with the photo i would say. >> if you look like that at 54, do that, john. turn up. >> thanks for giving us the present.
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celebrating? the clooneys with the parents' night out because every parent needs them, and the new mama of twins amal is making us all green with envy. >> amal was glowing in this metallic green halter dress by stella mccartney, price tag $5,600, but recently marked down to $2,800. the two dined at harry's bar with friends before taking the 15-minute drive back to george's villa and 2-month-old twins, ella an alexander. up next, jay-z speaks out for the first time about that elevator fight with sister-in-law, solange. >> we've always had a great relationship. it ain't nothing. we've never -- we had one disagreement ever. before and after we've been cool. >> he also referenced the 2014 incident on his new album. ♪ you egged so lang on ♪ all you had to say you was wrong ♪ >> my sister, not my sister-in-law, my sister. period. >> in the meantime, jay-z and
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beyonce spent the weekend apart. he had to perform in london while b and her friends hit up a at a friend's wedding in colorado. and selena and the weeknd's sunday snuggles. he posted the adorable pic of selena in his lap and captioned it, home. later, the couple of seven months hit up disneyland. selena held on tight to her man, but skipped space mountain. we spotted him riding solo. still ahead, who was the star nearly unrecognizable as queen elizabeth? plus a "flip or flop" exclusive. >> today, igit mht be better if we are separated. >> tarek el moussa's life after christina. what tore them apart and then is he dating again? then the trials and triumphs of jerry lewis. the side of comedian you never knew. >> the pain became so excruciating, there's no way to express it. closed captioning provided by --
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i want you to check out margo robbie's transformation into queen elizabeth i. >> wow. >> rocking the fiery red wig. she was spotted on the set of the mary queen of scots movie. i love she is not afraid to go there. first harley quinn, and now queen elizabeth. >> don't forget about tonya hardin harding. she went there too. moving on now to our tarek el moussa exclusive. the "flip or flop" host inviting "e.t." online's lauren zima inside his 2-year-old son, brayden's, birthday bash. >> is christina going to be here today? >> unfortunately, today she won't be here. we have been going through, you know, our situation, and i felt like today might be better if we just stay separated. >> tarek's living the single dad life since filing for divorce fr
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7 years of marriage. so for son, brayden's, birthday, he did what any dad would do. threw an all out monster truck themed party. >> we decided we'll do separate things with braden this year just to make it more comfortable for everybody involved. >> christina just filed her response. how did you feel about that? >> part of the process. >> yeah. how are you hoping things get resolved? >> eventually we'll get divorced, continue to work together, co-parent and live a greafet li. >> they continue to work together on the series, but what really drew them apart? >> one of the problems we were having was communication. so mthany ings happened so fast. it was, like, back to back to back to back to back, and we slowly started separating. >> i have to ask is dating on your mind at all? >> yeah. i'm dating. nothing serious or exclusive, but i'm dating, yes. >> tarek is working on a new book and tells us it will get pretty personal, but the priority will always be the couple's two kids, brayden and taylor who turns 7 next month.
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>> for this party i hired glitry and stylish events. they did such an awesome job i'm hiring them to do my daughter's party too. >> how much has the love of your kids brightened your days these days? >> going through something like this makes you focus on what's really important in life. >> no matter what, the kids are first, and tomorrow, our exclusive with christina el moussa. >> only "e.t." is behind the scenes of christina's "good t.usekeeping" photo shoo is she considering leaving "flip or flop"? >> have you ever considered being on "the real housewives of orange county"? >> yes, i have. >> that's tomorrow on "e.t.." back to the loss of comedy great jerry lewis. as you saw earlier, i was fortunate enough to work with mr. lewis on his iconic mda telethon. the labor day tradition spanned for 45 years and in that time, he taught us that we will never walk alone. jerry inviting "e.t." along for many of those walks and milestone moments. >> is this going to be on television? >> i hope
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>> oh, my god. oh, god. >> his childlike sense of joy never left jerry. his first taste of fame came in the 1940s through his partnership with dean martin. ♪ >> dean was the handsome straight man, and jerry the slapstick clown. >> let me see your grip. >> oh, i know that one. jujitsu. isn't that good? >> i was on that stage 60% of the time stunned at watching the magic that he fed me for me to spring from. >> but the two had a bitter reakup in 1956 when thenty we out to pursue solo careers. jerry headlined classic comedies like "cinderfella" and "the nutty professor." >> just don't do something. sit there. that is -- class dismissed. >> he often directed his own movies and in 1982 proved he could also act in dramatic roles
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opposite robert de niro. >> i have a life, okay? >> well, i have a life too. that's not my responsibility. >> one of the most memorable moments from his telethon, was when frank sinatra surprised jerry by bringing dean martin out on stage. they hadn't seen each other in decades. >> would you send my friend out please? would you sent him out here. [ applause ] >> in his later years, he struggled with health problems including open heart surgery in the 1980s, an addiction to pain killers and a serious lung condition. the steroid medication made him bloated and he considered suicide. >> the pain i was living with became so excruciating that there is no way to express it, so the first thing i did was put the gun on the table. i have to figure out how i'm going to do this, and i said, no. i can't. >> mr. jerry lewis. >> in 2009 jerry was presented a
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>> this award touches my heart and the very depths of my soul because of who the award is from. >> a man who helped countless others, jerry once told us he saw his own life as a blessing, and he was grateful for every single day. >> i'm always thankful for the very same thing, and that was that i got up this morning, and i'm thankful to god and there is the possibility that i'll be up tomorrow. you can't beat that. >> and we are grateful for everything that jerry did to help others through mda. one of the diseases that mda focuses on is mls, which my mom passed away from, and i'll never forget when i met him, and he said, we will be there for you and your family, and they were, and he was for so many years.
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as he was for so many others. thank you. >> he was a special man. this was a tough weekend because we lost another comedy legend. dick gregory. he was a comedian, advocate, and civil rights activist. he used humor to address social injustices around the world. he once said he wanted to be remembered as a hard. hard on the outside, soft on the inside and willing to stick his neck out. he was 84. and coming up, our exclusive with ll cool j, as he goes back to his roots, but what about his swimming ones? his reaction to the viral wet suit photos. that is coming up next.
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travel consideration provided by -- all right, before we go. ll cool j went back to his hometown of queens for his 13th annual jump and ball community camp. >> we were exclusive with the star giving back to his community and to us. thanks to this viral wet suit photo. looking good there, ll. good-bye, everybody. >> good night. >> you know what? it's a lot of crazy stuff going on on the show. i don't want to give it away, but suffice to say that sam's a former navy s.e.a.l. and he is back to his old tricks again. >> those apparently include a spear gun.
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season nine premiers october 1st. the 49-year-old says he is not afraid to get in on the action on the set. >> i do about i would say, 90% of my own stunts anyway, you know? unless they are more, you know, they want somebody to take a chain saw to the neck or something. i'll let the stunt guys do that.
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